IoT Illustrated

An IoT car C (fitted with sensors), driven by IoT driver/owner (he as one or two sensors on him) and owns an IoT cell phone is accosted by three armed carjackers who flag him down at point X along highway H as he drives home at 11 p.m on a Friday. The driver brings the car to a stop and after less than a minute’s scuffle; the driver is shoved from his seat to the rear seat (if he is lucky enough not to end up in the boot of the car; Kenya’s carjackers way of immobilizing car owners). The IoT sensors on the phone, on the driver and on the car communicate with each other after ‘detecting’ abnormal events and ‘cooperatively’ issue different forms of distress calls into the IoT space.

A minute later, the car is approaching a roadside pub P at point Y along H. It happens that a police officer carrying an IoT communication device is having a drink at this pub.The distress signals (including the GPS coordinates of the location of the car) are picked by the device, which immediately alerts the officer of possibility that car C, has been carjacked. The officer immediately issues and broadcasts a distress event via his IoT radio giving the location and direction of the car. This is received at a number police stations and necessary roadblocks mounted. The information is also received at the IoT database of cars and more details of the car (registration number, colour, owner etc) retrieved and passed on to the police officers.

In the meantime, the carjackers are driving the car pretty fast and 5 minutes later; the car is approaching roundabout R along highway H. At this roundabout, there is a IoT digital billboard, which immediately receives the signal from the car and displays it for all to read. The carjackers decide to take right turn at the roundabout and drive off along Road Q. A few metres from the roundabout an IoT van belonging to a local security firm picks up the distress signal from the carjacked car. The security guards in the van use this signal to inform the police officers of the new direction the carjackers are following. Nine minutes later, the car arrives at one of the roadblocks and after a minute of fire exchange between the officers and the carjackers, the carjackers are subdued and the car owner rescued.

IoT computing is indeed a powerful tool for humanity! In this illustration, the solution uses the anywhere, anytime, by anyone and by anything; the 4A Vision!

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